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    Submitted a ticket also, because this is some sort of bug with the plugin software. I created a new elevation configuration for CAD Elevations – Demo, and when I try to export in ConDoc, doesn’t matter how many I create it only shows up one elevation, and it crashes and won’t export it to Layout. I’ve tried restarting SketchUp, and next step would be deleting ConDoc Plugin and re-installing I would guess. But this seems to be some sort of bug, and I’ve tested everything that I can think of over the past several hours trying to fix it.

    When it shows the elevations, even though I have two demo elevations created in my test file (I copied over when I discovered after building all four elevations that it didn’t recognize any of them), it shows up as “CAD Elev” Which isn’t the name of the configuration, and it either crashes SketchUp or just stalls for a few minutes then continues to show the condos export tab.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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