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    Hi, I’m pretty new to ConDoc but I’m working my way through the Workflow for Architecture book and the ConDoc tutorials. I’m on the latest version of ConDoc Tools and SU Pro 2021

    I’ve been looking at the Easy MOG Tutorials to get my head around the system to take full advantage of it, but I’m having trouble with the Model Level Navigator controls…

    I’ve downloaded and opened the Denver House model to follow along with the tutorial video and not changed or saved anything, and it’s just not working as it should.

    The ALL OFF/ALL OFF button is controlling tag visibility only through the LEVELs visibilities; ALL OFF leaves all of the ELEMENT_ tags visible whcih si not what happens in the tutorial video.

    The LEVELS button cycles through the levels leaving all ELEMENT tags visible, but the INTERIOR/EXTERIOR and EXISTING/NEW/DEMO buttons are having no effect at all. The CONDITION and LOCATION visibility controls in the Tags Tray work fine, but not through the Navigator.

    Any idea what the problem is?

    The following screenshots show the INT/EXT button having no effect, and ALL OFF leaving all the ELEMENT tags on..

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