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    Luke Mackley


    I have upgrade to sketch 2020, therefore  setting up Condoc again.
    When setting up a new template. I have loaded a Condoc Architect drawing set. So I have all the layers but there is no model organisation “block” (the rectaular with all the layer in it. Where to get this?

    When I go to components and type in CONDOC  or CONDOC 4 – looking for the Brightman folder with the architectural drawing set, it is not there????? I have seen the video showing this but it is not there.

    So where is it?

    Also I think you need to do a video on setting up a first template that shows this….not anything else just this.



    Are you going to the Warehouse and searching Condoc? It is a component, but you need to go to the warehouse to get it.

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke!  Check the tutorials page, at the top is the Welcome section.  There is a video in the series called “Template”.

    Here’s the link to the collection…  We are actually featured on the home page of the 3DWH, just click that icon to get there too…

    Luke Mackley

    Mike thanks for the response.

    yes have seen the video and have my set done.

    As I have not done a set up for a long time I was having to go back and check. This video for template is the LT version and does not load Architect drawings set with the model organisator, and then I could not find it in the extortion warehouse. So maybe there and extension to this video. But Im good now and thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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