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    Someone please help!  I have never been so frustrated with software.  I am quite familiar with SketchUp (completed several major projects a few years ago) but I haven’t used LayOut.  I need to draw a set of plans for a major addition to my house.  I purchased the SketchUp Workflow for Architecture book and then CONDOC Tools about a month ago.  I have read through the book & online manual, watched the videos, and studied this forum.  I cannot find a list of procedures to get CONDOC set up correctly and get my model into LayOut properly.

    Does anyone know of a list of procedures to set up CONDOC Tools properly.  Something like this (which is my best guess):

    1. Open SketchUp
    2. Turn on the CONDOC extension
    3. Open a new CONDOC drawing set
    4. Go to warehouse and load CONDOC Model Organization Guide
    5. Draw… (the CONDOC document do show how to group and put things in the correct location)
    6. Compile scenes & go to LayOut

    Do I need to turn on the CONDOC extension every time I load my drawing?

    Do I copy a Model Organization Guide for each layer?  Right now, I’m only trying to create the foundation plan, but the project will also have a first floor.  I drew the foundation and placed it on Level_00 (I also have a Level_01 layer I created).  The one time I got it successfully to LayOut, the foundation was on Level_01 even though it was on Level_00 in SketchUp.

    The foundation I drew appears in only the dashed foundation scene, and sometimes the drawing appears for a moment, when I toggle the scene tabs, then disappears.

    I would appreciate any help or insight this group can offer.  I’m ready to go back to AutoCAD for my drawings even though I love SketchUp.

    Thanks, Beth

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