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    Ruben Benitez

    Hey guys. totally digging ConDocs. I’ve made some changes in the display configurator to my output to look more like what I’m used to doing. Real easy to do. kudos to the team for such a versatile tool. I only have one exception/issue with the configurator and that’s the save of the ConDoc4 configuration file. If you make changes and you want to keep those for future use you MUST remember to save the configuration file before exiting the drawing. I get it about 50% of time and usually don’t notice till I go to generate another plan or section and they don;t generate the way I expected. Then I have to go thru that configuration and hopefully remember what those changes were. It would be really nice if those settings always remained in the SKP file. This would eliminate the MUST remember and save me a ton of time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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