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    John Shank

    In my configurator I’ve got 35 drawings ( I know it’s alot!!).  So when I am going through the model and assigning tags and get to the point in the process where I am clicking on the ‘perspective’ icon and creating scenes, and then assigning drawings – I have so many drawings that they don’t all appear in the menu and I can’t figure out how to get them all to show up.  I can only get 26 of them to show up in the ‘pick drawing for this scene’ window.  There’s not enough room for them to all show up!

    John Shank

    This is a screenshot for the drawings not all being listed.

    My condoc configurator - drawings

    John Shank


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    Mike Brightman

    Hello John! Sorry for the hassle… I will definitely add this to the list, looks like maybe our scrollbar is not activating?
    I will say I never ran into this because I don’t add that many drawings… Not that you shouldn’t be able to though!
    Should all of these actually be independent drawings? Or could you wrap them into viewports under less drawings?
    Let me know what you are trying to accomplish and I might be able to help you with a clever solution. Thanks for digging in!

    John Shank

    Thanks for the suggestion Mike.  I will try to condense as much as possible and see how that works.  I am loving the condoc system.  I pretty

    much fully understand everything now.  I do have another question now that I am thinking about it.  With the update, is the blank or ’empty’ configurator still available or am I just overlooking it?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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