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    Gregory Sarver

    I have transitioned my workflow to SU/LO with ConDoc Tools, but still need to work with DWGs from time to time (surveys mainly). Dumping my AutoCad LT subscription finally! Anyone know a cheap solution for working with DWG’s??



    Mike Brightman

    Yo Greg!  I’ve been pretty happy with draftsight for my extremely light CAD use.  I just check layers and xrefs…  $250/year…  Looks like they support mac.  I like how they mimic the familiar (to me) architectural desktop.   https://www.draftsight.com/product/draftsight-professional.

    Gregory Sarver

    Thanks Mike! Yeah, that’s probably my top contender. I used it previously, and it really looks like autocad. I am open for an even cheaper option though, LOL.

    Last survey I got, SU couldn’t even import it after an afternoon of deleting, moving everything to Layer 0, etc. I ended up uploading to SU online ( no problem at all!) and then downloading to my files…weird.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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