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    I am currently learning ConDoc 4. I am starting with a simple detached¬† garage to learn the system and try to work out as many kinks as possible before I jump into a full blown project. I want to organize my models with the foundation and/or basement on a layer called “Level_00” so that when I am working on a house plan with a basement or finished basement I can turn off the 2D graphics from my 1st floor “Level_01” but still have 2d graphics for my basement display. In the ConDoc Configurator, I have “Level_01” turned off on my foundation plan settings. When ever I use the plan generator for my foundation plan, the layer “Level_01” is turned on in all of my foundation scenes. Is there a reason that “Level_01” cannot be turned off or is there another setting I am missing that won’t allow “Level_01” to be turned off?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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