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    I wanted to create a section cut where i can see different hatches for the different material of the walls that i have

    I have created tags for each type of material and assed group to them under my location group. I have created a viewport which target the wall element, location exterior and interior and also the material.

    I have one hatch for material concrete and another hatch for insulation. However when i send them to layout they don’t show up.

    But from what i understand this is not possible as hatching are suposed to be raster images so they will hide all the viewports that are bellow ?

    Is there a trick or way to check this ? how many hatching can i use ?


    Also is there somewhere where i can i can see all the different atches ? does hatch exist in vector ? can i edit those ?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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