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    since I haven’t recieved any answer to my e-mail, even though I reminded about my case during Live Webinar I figured out that maybe it never arrived.

    Please contact me, Mike, on [email protected] and I’ll send you the details of my firm to issue the invoice. I know I might seem a bit impatient, sorry about that 🙂

    The other issues are strictly with Condoc.

    1. Which tool I should use to create Perspective scenes using Section mode? I couldn’t get ConDoc to export them to Layout.

    2. Can I set the Field of View for Perspectives or I need to change it manually for each scene?

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Arkadiusz!  I sincerely apologize for the delay…  I will send an email over right away!

    1.  I just created a new section drawing with the camera set to perspective, but it didn’t work!?  I will get that in the queue to be fixed.  No big deal though, you can just add sections with the ConDoc Section Tool, then change the camera to perspective and update the scene.
    2. Looks like the default FOV is 60, you will need to adjust manually if you want something else.  This could possibly be a nice addition to the perspective drawing settings, but at the same time its not that hard to adjust…

    Let me know if this helps!



    Another question related to Interior Sections. Sometimes there’s a need to use multiple Section Planes. However, it seems that after I add another section plane (for exaple inside Level 0 group) Condoc only sees the main section plane while exporting to Layout. Is there a walkaround, am I doing Something wrong or it’s just another thing that should be added to the queue to improve ConDoc even more? 🙂

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Arkadiusz,

    Multiple Section Planes sounds like an advanced SketchUp feature, especially when paired with ConDoc! Props to you for addressing this. A simple answer is that any section plane you add after the native ConDoc Tools section planes is auxiliary in nature and you would need to create the necessary adjustments to capture the geometry you want present in your scenes. There are unfortunately no quick tips for helping with multiple section views outside of our standard sections that are created for each CD Plan Drawing, Elevation and Section. We use the ground level input references in the Plan Generator to initiate the section plane creations as they are automated. You can chose to add/remove geometry in a given scene as needed.

    We do have a YouTube video from an old webinar where we dived into Multiple Section Planes, it may be of value:


    Hi, It’s been a while and I still haven’t recieved the invoice with a proper amount (250$) and my company details. Could you please do something about it? I know I’m being stubborn, but I just really need a proper document 🙂 Mike stopped answering my emails, that’s why I’m posting my request here 🙂

    Mike Brightman

    Hey there! Just sent you an email, we’ll get this sorted out. Thanks!

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