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    I am working a roof framing plan.  How can I put the roof framing plan over the floor plan below it (in layout)?  Is there a video about putting drawings on top of each other?




    Mike Brightman

    Hello Jack!  I would suggest you watch the Configurator tutorials.  You could very easily duplicate the desired roof framing plan viewports, then drag them into the floor plan drawing…  Stack accordingly.

    Or, you could modify the floor plan drawing to have the framing and roof layers on.  I would probably add a viewport on top of the stack and turn these layers on.

    Make sure you save as a new drawing set so that you still have access to the default ConDoc drawing sets.



    Thanks for the reply.  I was able to cut and paste a roof outline over the floor plan.  I was not able to snap it to the other drawing well.  I do have snap feature checked.

    Where do I find how to “select a different scrapbook”.   The warning came up and I lost the drawings in scrapbook… don’t want to do that again.


    Mike Brightman

    Did you use the precise move grip?  When you select the roof outline viewport, drag the precise move grip from the middle to a point that exists in both viewports.  The snap will focus on the precise move grip.

    To select a different scrapbook in LayOut, just click on the dropdown within the Scrapbooks inspector, choose anything but the ConDoc Drawings scrapbook.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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