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    Mike Brightman

    Hello All!

    I apologize for not including some metric options in this release!  You can download an updated version of the ConDoc Annotations scrapbook from this link…  DOWNLOAD

    Here is a version of the ConDoc 2D scrapbook with all symbols set to 1:50.  DOWNLOAD

    I hope this helps!


    Darren White


    Nigel Burton

    I now have the metric scrapbook Thank you. Are there any metric title sheets? I can only find the Brightman USA sheets and the layout A1 A3 etc




    Nigel Burton



    I have downloaded the Metric Version off the link above, though it looks exactly the same as the original ‘inches version’ am i doing something wrong? or is it possible to convert it once I add it to the scrapbook?

    I’ve notice I can tweak the annotation above the items myself

    ie change 30″ – Door to 762mm Door within the scrapbook.

    though I was hoping that that was what the Metric version of the scrapbook pages was.

    can anyone advise?

    thanks Dan


    Downloaded, How do I install it?


    Does this only run in 2020?   I am the 2019 version.

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Dan!  You are right, I just switched the scale of our inches scrapbook over to a comparable metric scale.  You will need to tweak the symbols to fit your standard sizes.  Good news, it’s really easy to do!  I just don’t know all of the metric standards…  I hope this helps!

    Thanks for the good news. However, I have tried several methods, but it is difficult to understand. I would appreciate it if you could explain it in pictures.

    cool i’ll have a look now thanks


    Mike Brightman

    For you metric users…  what size title blocks do you need?

    Nigel Burton

    In Reply to last post





    A4 landscape and Portrait


    Kind regards




    For me : A4 (landscape) and A3 (landscape)


    A4 portrait why not but not priority





    Late contributor but, typically use A1/A3 for design drawings, A2 for presentation.  All landscape.

    Would great to also get a tutorial on customising the layer configuration to create lighting plans.  I’m creating lighting symbols for 3D modelling and 2D plans/details.


    Hi, I dont know if I´m doing something wrong, but I open and save the .layout as scrapbooks but the file appears in IMPERIAL, measures , the same and the marked sizes are in inches too, exactly as the other file, so it does not look like metric at all to me…


    I correct myself:

    The annotations file was in inches but the drawings file is in 1:50 scale, still would wish the file came with the metric measurements  so I could just pick the right one instead to change them on the file myself.

    Regards, AC.Screenshot of the scrapbook

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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