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    Luke Mackley


    I have a model already started in condos 3. Now I have updated to Condoc 4, so if I click the design button and of course I get a different layer naming schedule.

    So what the best way to go about this?

    Do I just move everything to the new name layer system? Like – from DESIGN Fixture to ELEMENT Fixture?



    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke,

    There are definitely some challenges with this. It is possible to convert your model to the new ConDoc 4 layers, but it will take a while to do and you will need to make sure that you’ve totally removed ConDoc 3 (including the templates, old layers, etc.)

    Here are two options that might work:

    1. Re-install ConDoc 3 and finish your project. Upgrade to ConDoc 4 after the project is complete.
    2. Uninstall ConDoc 3 (remember to de-activate your license first), install ConDoc 4
      1. Delete your old ConDoc 3 layers and scenes
      2. Use our ConDoc 4 Model Organization Guide to cut and paste-in-place your geometry into the new ConDoc 4 Layers
      3. Re-run your scenes and drawings

    Unfortunately we don’t have a quick v3 to v4 conversion solution for a project at the moment. Because we completely changed how ConDoc works in version 4, it’s unlikely that your old v3 layers and scenes will come through correctly into ConDoc 4; it’s best to ‘start clean’. It really will make a difference when you’re onto 4 though.

    Hope this helps!

    Luke Mackley

    Hi Luke

    In Condoc 4 is there a Renovation demo video – there are only old ones on youtube?

    Also there is mention of a retail design template or set up – is there such a thing? I’m a retail designer



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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