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    I started with Condoc two weeks ago and I really love it, also the tutorials. Strange enough, with the drawingset of LT I can make the elevations and the section drawings, but no plan drawings. When I push the ‘Setup Project’  button just nothing happens. Restarting Sketchup or restarting the computer don’y help. What could be the cause?

    Mike Brightman

    Can you make sure that ConDoc LT is loaded… just click on the folder icon to load it again.

    Did you fill out the fields in the Plan Generator?  Select at least one plan?

    maybe try loading the PRO drawing set and just see if that does anything… even in a blank file.


    Thanks for your quick response Mike. But I had already checked all the suggestions you make: Loaded the LT drawingset, selectet different plans and fillewd out the plangenerator. I also tried the Pro ARCH drawings. I really don’t understand, because your tutorial LT is very clear and the wole LT is very simple.
    Should I maybe delete and reinstall the extension?

    Mike Brightman

    Does the ConDoc PRO drawing set do anything?

    Reinstall just in case… That can at least rule out anything weird behind the scenes…

    You are on SketchUp 2018 or later?  and you downloaded the latest version from your profile page, ConDoc 4.8.1?


    There were some perspective scenes in the project that were made before I installed the Condoc extension. With the LT drawingset I could make elevations, sections and perspective drawings, so I did not understand why no floorplans. Today I deleted the old perspective scenes and now I can make the floorplans too. So the problem seems to be solved.
    I’m working with SketchUp 2020 and ConDoc 4.8.1


    Still one problem: In Layout I would like to combine Cat drawings and a nice perspective in the same planset. After I have made the Cad drawings it seems to be not possible anymore to make ‘classic’ scenes like perspectives. When I make one it just shows one of the CAT plans.


    I tried another (old) model with some scenes already in it. After making LT plan drawings, the old scenes remained in good condition. But making new scenes the old way did mot work anymore.I guess rhis is the way it works?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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