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    Travers Ebling

    What’s the best way to tag section planes, either to make adjustments to their positions or to ‘purge’ those that are obsolete? For instance, I do not want the “uplooking” plane created for Level 0 when running the plan generator for an RCP. I have deleted all scenes for RCP 00 but the section plane remains. The collection of section planes in the model are a jumble and so I have some uncertainty if I am targeting the correct plane.

    Additionally, one of my Renovation Construction Plans shows a solid wall despite the model depicting a door way. My assumption is that the section plane is cutting above the door height but again the jumble make it tough to be certain which plane is being used to generate this construction plan.

    To simplify the question, is there a way to see which section planes are tied to a particular scene or group of scenes? If no, what tips do you have to help untangle the relationship between section planes & scenes?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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