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    I bought ConDoc as monthly subscription to try to work with it and I follow your instruction videos. The first problem was that Sketchup froze at the moment I pressed the Design button. I waited and waited and then I closed Sketchup and re-opened it. That happened 5 times, now it looks like it works, but when I try to send the generated plans to Layout , it says

    “Warning: Running the ConDoc Export while the ConDoc Drawings Scrapbook is open in LayOut can cause LayOut to crash. It is recommended that you select a different scrapbook before proceeding.”

    But I have Layout not open, so how can be the Condoc Scrapbook be open? I loaded your Garage and just try to follow instructions, but so far I have just problems.

    Is it me being stupid or is there another option?





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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