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    I have issues with the software running very slow on both sketch up and layout connection.

    For example I created a bunch of 3d interior perspectives on the architect settings. All have the suitable tags. Program runs well enough in sketch up. I run latest version of condoc 5.1 i think. I run sketch up 2023. I have a computer built for me 6 months ago. Windows.

    When i export the images with condoc to layout scrapbook it starts running really slow. The software wants to crash and doesn’t connect well to scrapbook. The images appear but pulling them into a drawing sheet is like pulling teeth. What takes literally hours should be minutes. I have checked the task manager and none of my settings are even close to being maxed out, its the mysterious connection that is incredibly slow.

    Am i doing something obviously wrong? Does this resonate with anyone?

    Help!? I bill hourly and im going way over on hours ha!

    Ruben Benitez

    When you send your views to Layout are you making sure that the ConDoc Drawings scrap book is not the current scrapbook

    Ruben Benitez

    One more thing, are you working on the cloud or your local drive? Working from the cloud will definitely bog things down

    [email protected]

    Condoc scrapbook is not current I always make sure.

    Cloud – yes sort of, my drive is google drive. But I have the folder permanently loaded on the computer and sync’d up. Its not pulling the document from the cloud as it has a permanent place on the computer drive. Also I don’t understand how that would effect it… mostly the specific issue is when the scrapbook is loaded in layout, and i click on the scrapbook images and try to drop it onto the page and it takes an ages to generate the image, which my understand is that its a still viewport at this point, and only a live image connected to the SketchUp document when i ask the layout to refresh or relink the original file.

    Please feel free to comment or correct!

    Steve DiGi

    For fun, I would try to put the sketchup and layout file absolutely locally and try again. Even know its “local” its still sharing to google drive. Who knows. But then you could definitely rule this out.

    [email protected]

    fair point. sounds like an idea

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Fellas!  Sorry to hear SU/LO is dragging…  Not an uncommon complaint, but there are a few tweaks that can make a huge difference.  In my experience, 99.9% of the time this is caused by asking LayOut to render something too heavy.  Even if your model is fairly light, or small in file size.  A few tips…

    Look for heavy objects in your model, like a chair or tree with thousands of faces that is used over and over.  Consider adding a 2d Graphic / 3d Object.

    Make sure everything is properly tagged.  If an object remains only on “Untagged”, it will show in every viewport and need to be rendered every time.

    When you are moving ConDoc Drawings from the scrapbook to your title block, click and drag and wait for the machine to catch up.  Don’t click and release on the scrapbook drawings.

    Once drawings are in there, consider opening your SketchUp models from the LayOut references dialog.  This creates a live sync scenario and I’ve found significant performance improvements.

    Lastly…  Let me see that model!  I bet I can fix it or find the problem in less than 5 minutes 😉

    Please upload your files at the following link,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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