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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope all of you are well and safe. One thing I learned from Mike was time is valuable when it comes to working in SU. Keyboard shortcuts save me a ton of time and in fact I don’t need to keep tool panels open which allows for more of that precious screen real estate.  I wanted to share a keyboard shortcuts list that I made. I made the list to be the most logical as possible. I use Alt and a letter for my Condoc Tools with the exception of F2 that I keep for starting the conduct system. I kept F1 for the native SU help menu and use a keyboard macro to bring me right the Condoc Learning Page.  Some of the keyboard shortcuts are stock commands. Feel free to modify these as you wish or maybe open up some ideas and inspiration to create your own. Enjoy and thank you for looking!
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>A = Arc
    Shift+A = 3 Point Arc
    Ctrl+Shift+A = Pie
    B = Paint Bucket
    C= Circle
    D = Dimension                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shift+D=Radial Dimension
    E = Eraser
    F = Offset
    G = Make Group
    Shift+G = Make Component Group
    H = Hide Rest of Model
    Shift+H = Unhide All
    Ctrl & H = Unhide Last
    I = Iso View
    K = Toggle Back edges
    L = Line
    M = Move
    O = Look Around Tool
    P = Push/Pull
    Shift+P = Polygon
    Ctrl+P = Protractor
    Q = Rotate
    R = Rectangle
    Shift+R =Rotated Rectangle
    S = Scale
    T = Tape Measure
    Shift+T = Leader Text Tool
    Ctrl+Shift+T = 3d Text Tool
    V = Parallel Projection View
    Shift+V = Perspective View
    W = Walk
    X = X-Ray View                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ctrl+X = Cut
    Ctrl+Shift+X = Paste In Place                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Z = Zoom Extents
    Shift + Z  = Zoom Window
    Shift+Up Arrow = View Top
    Shift+Left Arrow = View Left
    Shift+Right Arrow = View Right
    Shift+Down Arrow = View Rear
    Alt+Down Arrow = View Bottom                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Alt+Up Arrow = View Front
    Shift+S = Section Plan Toggle
    Shift+Ctrl+S = Section Cut Toggle
    Ctrl+S = Section Fill Toggle
    F2 = Start Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Condoc System
    Alt+A = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/All On/Off
    Alt+D = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/Design Mode
    Alt+E =Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Elevation Drawing
    Alt+F = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/Draft Mode
    Alt+G = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/Grid Shifts
    Alt+I = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/Interior/Exterior
    Alt+O = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Utilities/Orient/Axis/Scope/Design
    Alt+P = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Plan Generator
    Alt+S = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Section Scene
    Alt+V = Condoc System Extensions/ConDoc/ConDoc System/Perspective Drawing

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