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    I need to change some of the sheet numbers. For instance I want to create some Electrical Sheets (E Prefix) and HVAC (M Prefix). Do I need to create new titleblock layers to make these changes. I also want to change some of the sheet numbering

    A1. floor plans

    A2. Elevations

    A3. Sections

    A4. Schedules

    Is there an easy way to accomplish this?



    Mike Brightman

    Hello Mike!

    All of the sheet numbering in the title blocks included with ConDoc are set up using auto-text.  You can find the settings under LayOut > Document Setup > Auto-Text.

    The sheet numbers are on the shared layer title block.  I think the best course of action for you is…

    1. unlock the Title Block layer
    2. right-click on the sheet numbers, move to the Annotations layer
    3. Copy and paste the sheet numbers to each page
    4. manually change the sheet numbers to whatever you like (E, M, A, etc)

    If you are up for it, you could dig in on auto-text and probably figure out a clever way to save some clicks.

    Let me know how it goes!


    [email protected]

    Thanks Mike.

    Looks like I had come to the conclusion that you just outlined. I think this is a workable solution for me at this time. Thanks for the quick response.

    [email protected]

    Are they scrapbook symbols layer specific? when I drag some of them in the disappear below the SketchUp model. I have tried using the arrange command but it does bring they forward? Got me thinking their layer might need to be above the model?

    Mike Brightman

    In short, no.  Scrapbooks come in on the active layer of the current presentation, regardless of the scrapbook layer structure.  So if you are using the ConDoc title blocks, you want to set the ANNOTATIONS layer as active.  If they are dropping in behind it has to be that your active layer is at the bottom of the stack.  Pretty sure that new geometry and inserted scrapbooks are always “on top” of anything else on that current layer.  Let me know if that helps!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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