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    Joe Stock

    Where is everyone putting stuff that is site related? When you generate the plans it just asks about levels. I’m assuming you just need to make your own site level layer?

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Joe!

    Check out the manual for a full explanation of each layer, and what belongs on it…  The primary site layers are:

    • ELEMENT_Hard Surfaces
    • ELEMENT_Vegetation
    • ELEMENT_Earth
    • ELEMENT_Context

    These elements are enough to create a basic site plan.  Also, take a look at the Roof Plan drawing stack to see which layers are turned on.



    Kerry Adams

    Hi Mike,  What layer do you recommend we place the site boundary lines on?  I cant really see where it fits into Hard surface, vegetation, earth or context?  Maybe context as a closest fit, or possibly earth?  A bit of a grey area for me.




    Mike Brightman

    Hello Kerry,

    Stepping in here. Couple different ways you can do it.

    1. You can draw the boundary manually in LayOut (if it will likely be a one-time thing that won’t require many changes)
    2. You can apply a 2D Graphic to your “ELEMENT_Earth” Layer; meaning you would make a group with your geometry inside of ELEMENT_Earth with your 3D Geometry and assign it to “CONDOC_3D Object” and then draw your boundary lines, make a group and assign it to “CONDOC_2D Graphic”.

    You may need to update your scenes to show the 3D Object and 2D Graphic after you make the changes in option #2, but that one will likely work.

    Make sense ok? Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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