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    I’ve been using ConDoc for a couple of years now and I was shocked today.

    I decided to test how a small, 14 inch laptop with no Nvidia GTX or RTX Graphics Card on board (ASUS Zenbook UM425UA) will handle pretty heavy, but well organized Sketchup model. I was surprised how fast it worked compared to my 5 year old PC with 32 GB of RAM, Ryzen and Nvidia 1080Ti Graphics. But then I installed ConDoc, loaded my custom ConDoc Template and I started to experience the same issues again (the same I’ve been experiencing for a couple of months on my PC). I always blamed my models – I thought they were too heavy and that there’s simply too much geometry for Sketchup to handle.

    The issues are:
    – a couple of seconds of lag while assigning ConDoc Tags to groups
    – a couple of seconds of lag while toggling between the scenes

    When I disabled ConDoc again, the toggling between the scenes was fast again.

    Is there a way to get rid of the lags and be able to run Sketchup and ConDoc combo smoothly? I can describe myself as a quite experienced user so I guess that all the essential settings that might be slowing Sketchup down are set correctly to boost Sketchup performance. No full size textures, no scene animations, no profiles in Style settings… I even tried to setting the Anti-Aliasing to 0x but with no luck.

    What may be causing these issues? I think must be wasting a lot of time when you count these 1-2 seconds before I can orbit the model times 1000 every day.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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