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    I have downloaded condoc and have it up and running. I love the enthusiasm you show mike in all your tutorials – I’m sure there’s a drinking game to be played every time you say ‘snappy light weight environment’ 🙂 . I’ve worked my way through most of them.

    So… My mind is melting somewhat with the thought of Configuring Condoc to do what I need it to do. I have some basic questions. But first, I am not a architect, I am an Art director for TV and have been using sketchup for Set design visuals since V4. Layout comes along and offers a Drafting experience but its way too painful to use (my models are too big, I’m not using it right etc) then I see Condoc do its thing.  Im here, 1 day into the trial.

    I have 3 main areas STUDIO, SET, PERFORMANCE AREA which are similar looking to your Levels. MY LEVELS would be – STUDIO – SET – PERFORMANCE AREA? – (Q – all of these would be at ground (0mm)… I thing this is ok?)

    If I want to create my own setup can i do it ?

    STUDIO – Contains ELEMENTS – all 3d models I make from the Studio DWG – so Cyc rail, lighting Grid, power points, Audience block, floor seating.

    SET – contains ELEMENTS – Rostra, Chairs, Scenery, Camera Ops, etc 3d models – these rarely change but due to Covid we are readying a new design which needs drawings

    PERFORMANCE AREA – Contains ELEMENTS – Rostra, Band members, Performer, flooring, lights, light boxes, Truss, fascia, Camera ops etc…. This area will the one that is changing from week to week with new BUILDS, HIRED equipment and items we OWN.

    BUILD, HIRED, OWN – these three things will be the next group level?? ( your Location/Condition )  then 2d 3d layers…

    So…group structure is

    (outer group) PERFORMANCE AREA (or your name – lvl3?) contains various grps named ELEMENTS_XXX – and each of these grps have 3 more groups inside of BUILD, HIRE & OWN (your name Condition)…. and then ? or is that it? then 2d 3d ?

    Ultimately I need drawings for Constructors to make the New Set and New Drawings each week for them to make the unique performances area. I would also like to have Layout give me neat views from each camera and overviews of the Performance stage to show Exec’s and Performers what the design is.

    where to start – My plan is to reconfigure the MOG To what I need – can I rename the actual levels? to STUDIO, SET & PERFORMANCE AREA? ELEMENTS keep and further down forget Interior Exterior and change to HIRE, OWN, BUILD

    have i got that correct?

    I think then I will Set up from scratch the Drawing Sets I need. Phew …. holy cow if this is right now I’ve got to do it!!!





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    Just re-watching the tut on configurator and it seems the the layers prefixes are not configurable -and layer selections interior and exterior etc – so we have to use the names condoc uses?….


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    So i’ve worked out that my above post was a bit hastey … I’ve worked out that crease


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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