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    How do I cancel my Subscription to ConDoc tools.

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Ray,

    Please check your email. Everything should be taken care of. Thanks!

    Gregory Wesley

    Well Luke, I too would like to know how to cancel my subscription to ConDoc Tools which is something that I thought I did months ago (when I switched to Chief Architect) as convoluted the process was to undertake, yet to my surprise I was charged 250 bucks for something that I had canceled. So I need not only to have my subscription correctly canceled I also need be refunded as soon as possible as well.


    Thank you very much!





    Chief Architect Receipt 2

    Mike Brightman

    Hello all,

    Apologies for the confusion, we are in the process of migrating our subscription payments, which will hopefully be sorted out very soon.

    Should you want to check on your subscription status, you can do so on this link:


    Will follow up with you via email, Gregory. Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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