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    I just have to give a shout out to Mike and team for the ConDoc System. I have been using Sketchup & Layout for 4 years professionally. I have also trained and used Revit thinking that it would be a faster and better software than SU & LO so I am aware of how both of these programs work to create a set of CD’s for use in the field.

    First, I am amazed at the additional training that Mike has given in the videos, many faster ways of drafting a project using methods in SU & LO that I had never been shown (the amount of time I have wasted doing things the long way).

    Second, I have always felt that there should be a way to organize the model building process that would save time and frustration no matter the complexity of the project.

    The CONDOC system and tutorials have made my life and work process so much easier and efficient by addressing both of these areas! Hands down the organization is exactly as I would have down it. BRAVO! I will be absorbing all of the tutorials to see each and every way I can continue to streamline my models and workflow.



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