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    Priscila Cotait



    I have successfully exported my plans, elevations and sections and I have been successfully setting up my pages in Layout. However, I’ve been having troubles exporting a site plan. Its as if Layout does not want to recognize another Plan drawing getting inserted into the Layout folder, despite multiple sections and elevations being added throughout my work. I even tried to trick condoc by creating an elevation, and rotating the cut plane to make a site plan, and yet Layout still did not recognize that it was there.


    When I say that Layout does not recognize the drawings, I mean that when I look at the Sketchup Model “Scenes” pull down menu, it does not exist. Even though all of my other drawings are prominently there. My scrapbook shows the drawing I want, and when I bring it in to Layout, and place the drawing, it automatically defaults it to the first floor plan every time.


    Any ideas what is going on? Does anyone know a better way to make site plans?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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