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    Mike Brightman

    Hello everyone,

    We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming SketchUp 3D Summit, a pivotal event crafted specifically for professionals in the realms of architecture, building, and interior design. This unique three-day experience is designed to propel you from the foundational knowledge of SketchUp to the peak of mastery, offering advanced learning opportunities unlike any other.

    What Sets the SketchUp 3D Summit Apart?

    Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from the best in the business. Our speaker lineup includes renowned experts like Justin Geis, Matt Wheeler, John Brock, Daniel Tal, Mike Brightman, and Brian Albert. They’ll share their deep insights and advanced techniques in design, documentation, AI visualization, workflow automation, and more.

    Thematic Days for Focused Learning:

    Day 1: Designing and Documenting – Dive deep into creating efficient and detailed designs with SketchUp, led by John Brock in the morning and Mike Brightman in the afternoon.

    Day 2: Artificial Intelligence – Explore the cutting-edge AI tools in SketchUp with Daniel Tal, and uncover the transformative power of AI in our industry with Brian Albert.

    Day 3: Automating Workflows – Enhance your productivity and creativity with sessions on extensions and dynamic components from Justin Geis and Matt Wheeler.

    Networking Opportunities: Beyond the workshops, the summit offers unique networking events. Don’t miss our VR happy hour and the exclusive comedy show, providing a perfect blend of learning, networking, and entertainment.

    The SketchUp 3D Summit is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, learn about the latest trends and tools, or connect with fellow professionals, this summit is where you want to be.

    Join Us for This Career-Defining Journey

    Ready to scale new heights in your professional journey? For more details and to register, visit SketchUp 3D Summit. Space is limited, so secure your spot today and be part of this unparalleled learning and networking event.

    We can’t wait to welcome you to the SketchUp 3D Summit. Let’s embark on this journey to the peak of SketchUp proficiency together!

    Mike Brightman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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