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    By the way, I love the way each ELEMENT Layer is described in the TSWA Second Edition Book adds lots of clarity to the ConDoc System!!!

    If I am using 2×4 I draw wall thickness at 3.5″ this way plan dimensions are from face of stud.  I would apply a cladding or exterior finish material to exterior and a finish material to the interior.  How do you handle wall thickness with the ELEMENT_Framing layer?

    With the floors they seem to be composed with three layers with respect to a multi-story building: ELEMENT_Ceiling (in the level below layer, LEVEL_01), ELEMENT_Floor layer (lets say LEVEL_02), and ELEMENT_Floors (lets say LEVEL_02).  For face of structure to face of structure dimensions I would use the height of the floor joist material: 9.25″, 11.25″, 14″… depending on proposed structure.  Same question, how do you handle the ELEMENT_Framing layer?

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