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Karyna Kyriazi

Hi, Luke! Thanks for your attention.

I am not sure about your answer, I think is beacuse my difficult about tecnical langage in english…. I saw the tutorial about model organization, I understood your proposed method and I am trying some ways with this awsome new tools! I just was trying to exchange some toughts about my project needs.

So let me do these specifical question that I didn’t understood if you answer me:

  1. Why should I put the elements into a group? Can’t I put then in their specific layer without grouped? Exemple: I will put all doors in the layer “element_doors” then group those who will be keep, who will change etc and put that groups into their layer.
  2. Let’s figure out that in my project I will keep all the doors. In my model sistem should be: architeture>door>floor>keep. My question is: have I create four groups for doors if at the end I have only one condition? I mean, is this necessarie for condoc tools work? Or this is also configurate?