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Mike Brightman

Hello Ruben,

Technically speaking, the scenes you see are controlled by individual layers. It comes down to preference. If you would prefer to export each element on it’s own scene/layer you would just create a custom drawing set in the Configurator, and save/load.

We do this scenario you are describing in many of our projects where we need to export from SketchUp back to CAD – we have a ConDoc drawing set that we can share where each element is in it’s own scene – for example, Doors>New, Walls>New, Windows>New, etc. These scenes are exported individually and then composited back in CAD so they have the same layer visibility control that we have in SketchUp. This is primarily produced at the request from MEP consultants, not required for each project. We prefer to stay in SketchUp when we can, but that’s one example of a custom drawing set and how you can export out individual layers/scenes.

If you would like to experiment with our drawing set, download it here and see how it works:

ConDoc Labs – Backgrounds.condoc

I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re trying to achieve with your project, but if it’s helpful, we offer a 1-on-1 3D Helpline service where we can look at this in detail. You can book a session here: //