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    Lucas Martinez

    I have noticed a few issues and not sure how to resolve them.  When I drag and drop a scene from the scrapbook (ConDoc Drawings) the scene usually needs to be resized to show the entire scene that was created in sketch up and exported using the condoc drawing export.

    The issue is when I do this, the corresponding scenes (layers) don’t render to the now enlarged frame.  A yellow triangle with an exclamation point appears in the lower right of the highlighted frame.   If I double click on the scene and try to update the model reference, nothing happens.  No model update (this used to work for me in the past)

    Also weird quirk, I can double click into the scene, double click again, double click again and once I click outside the highlighted frame now the scenes fill the enlarged frame.  Sometimes some of the layered scenes don’t fully appear. Example; the hatch scene layer may still be the size of the scene once it was originally dragged and dropped before the frame was enlarged.

    Anyone else experience this or know what I may be doing wrong?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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