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    Hi Mike


    I’m currently working with Condoc 3 and have a few schemes on this system but am looking to jump over to Condoc 4 once i know I’ve mastered it and got everything set up how I need it.


    One of the things I’m not sure of is how the demolition layer works on the new system. I’ve read a previous post and your answer that confirms that the demolished walls are not removed in the Proposed conditions model but saved on a new layer called demolition.


    I’m trying to get my head around how this works in practice. nearly all the work I do is either re-modelling or conversions so I use the demolition plane nearly all the time so just want to make sure i’m using it how it was intended. For example, at present when say forming a new door opening through an existing wall its quite simple at present, simple go into the existing group draw the correct sided opening on the existing wall and push/ pull it through. It then shown up as dotted lines on the Demo’ plan.


    I presume on the new suystem you then have to come out of the gtoup, form another rectangle, puch pull it through, then put all this geometry on the demolition layer? Similarly when demolishing part of a wall you’d need to highlight the section of wall that’s demolished, highlight it all, cut and paste in paste on the demolition layer.


    If I’ve understaood the process correctly this seems quite complicated so I was wondering if you’d done any tutorials on this yet as it’s the one thing that’s stopping me jumping to Condoc 4.

    Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated as I can see the benefits of Condoc 4, just want to get this sorted in my own mind 1st.




    Brent Gaskell



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