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    Mike Brightman

    Hello All!

    From popular demand, we’ve had a few minutes to put together a Metric 1:50 ConDoc Scrapbook. You can download it from this link:

    We’ll include it in the next newsletter, but for now, feel free to grab it and install as you need to.

    Should you need/want to make more scales, follow these easy instructions:

    In LayOut:

    1. Select the group/element you want to be a different scale
    2. Open the “Scaled Drawing” tab in you default tray
    3. Navigate the to the “Scale” section and specify your new scale (the elements should update)
    4. Once you have all the elements scaled, hit save and specify a different title
    5. To access the scrapbook in your new documents, go to Edit>Preferences>Folders and click the “+” under “Scrapbooks”
    6. Path the file to your custom scrapbook and click close
    7. New Scrapbook will appear under the dropdown menu from your Scrapbook Tab in the default tray.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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