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    Karyna Kyriazi

    Hi guys! Fist off all, congradulations by this amazing work and sorry for my primitive english  😆

    So, I am adapting the condoc set of documents for interior design and I have some questions about model organization. For default, condoc have this organization: level_element_location_condicion, but I want to include some categories:

    • position: if it is on floor, on ceilling, on wall etc
    • agents: architecture, interior design, landscape, structure etc

    I am studing the best way to do that, and so far I did agent_element_posicion_condicion (it is an apartament, so I don’t need level and location).

    1. Why element come in second place? Woudn’t I put in last place? Like, I put all doors in layer element, but not nested then by element. Then I select the doors by condicion and make group, then by posicion and then by agent. Is this work?
    2. Have I put all elements in this four groups? For exemple, in my models all my doors will be painted and thats all. So I still have to make group for condicion, posicion, agent? Or if I have some that I would change material, but all the doors are agent architecture and posicion floor, I still have to group in both categories?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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