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    Ruben Benitez

    Still using ConDoc Tools 4.0 and Sketchup 2019. I’m trying to generate a roof plan. This is two story box with a single slope roof over the 2nd floor. I’m using Levels 01 and 02. My roof resides in Level 02/Roof/Exterior/New. When I generate my roof plan I use 2 levels with the first level at 0″ and the second level at 111.75″ (97″ plate height, 14″ floor joist and 3/4″ subfloor. When the scenes are generated it’s cutting a section of my walls at level 01 in one scene and showing Level 02 as an overhead shot for the roof. This is incorrect and the walls in section should be from Level 02 as they are directly below this roof. No matter what I do with levels in the generator I can’t get it to cut my wall section from Level 02. When I generate roof framing it cuts the appropriate walls. Is this a hard code issue? Am I missing something?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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