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    Jeremy Conway

    I haven’t used ConDocs for awhile but am happily building a project with the system and looking forward to the document generation I have enjoyed in the past.

    Because I do not use this often enough, i have a question: can I run Purge Unused in the Model Statistics section of Model info without messing up something I will need down the line? I am using the MOG, assigning elements as outline in the instructional videos and hope that  outputting in Layout will be a breeze, but I could benefit form cleaning up my model as it grows.

    I ask ths because when I ran PURGE  earlier today it did lower the size of my model considerably, but then I noticed some layers had been deleted – specifically ConDoc Background and I’m not sure if there were more – so I went back to a saved file prior to the purge for now.

    Can anyone weigh in and let me know if running Purge Unused is OK for ConDocs?

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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