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    Hello everyone, I just started using condoc and I have to thank Michael and the team for doing an amazing job and for all the hard work to make all this possible.

    Like most I started with SKFP (extended) which then lead me to alot of youtube videos on Brightman Designs channel. I have watched all the tutorials and really dug deep into sktechup. I also went through all the information listed in online help area. I have a few key questions.

    I understand how the MOG system works however I am confused on one aspect:

    – let’s say I have an existing model and it has groups within groups. For simplicity lets take a foundation for example. In that group I have drawn my footings which contain lines, edges and surfaces. I then grouped those items and prior to conduct I would put them on layer “01-Foundation”. So now I am in condoc and I want to re-arrange my model. So I build from template, import my model which brings in the foundation layer, then I load the condoc architect set, turn on thr condoc system hud and click design, then plan generator. Then I import the MOG that I saved to a temp folder. Now I have my MOG and existing model foundation. Now if I just select my entire foundation, edit, cut and then drill down in MOG, foundation, new and then edit, paste in place will this re-assign the group or do I need to go to my foundation, explode it until there are no groups I had previously made, then re-group and follow the cut, paste in place to MOG procedure?

    Next I am unclear about starting conduct the correct way. For example.

    I noticed when starting with a condoc template (sketch up not layout), I have that all on, off, 45 degree axis rotation and populated scenes. So there are a few questions within questions. Such as do we even need the old drawing template (it used design layers) or do we just fire up sketchup with a default template, then open the condoc system, select our building set (my case is 2019-2020 architect), then import the MOG then hit plan generator?

    Just not sure what the order is. And simple step by step written instruction how the correct series of steps for 2020 would be helpful and strategic for what I am working on. I know you go that one Mike. It’s burned into my mind. I build liquid cooled PCs and just an fyi the 3090 GPU rips through the rendering in Lumion and has zero issues punching through sketchup. I am running a 10900k overclocked to 5.2ghz stable and 128 gb of ram 😎


    Thank you in advance

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