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    This month I spent quite some time in learning and experimenting with Condoc 4.8. I bought a new much faster machine too and I am working with Skp 2020. This week I rebuilt an old project with the MOG, a 3-level home,  as follows:
    1. I started a new plan with the MOG Architect
    2.  Run the Plan Generator
    3. Imported MOG on every Level-Layer
    4. Cut elements from the old model and pasted them in in place the newmodel.
    So I have a new, well organised model now, it represents the existing situation.
    So far so good, but I have troubles in sending the scenes of the existing situation to LO (3 per level,  9 alltogether). After opening LO  I just found 3 drawings iIn the scrapbook : the thin lines of the first level, the thick lines of the second and the thick lines of the third level. The 6 others were missing. I closed Layout (without saving) and tried again. This time I got just one drawing in the scrapbook: the thin lines of the first  Level. Restarting the machine or changing to an other project does not help.
    Has somebody an idea what might bet he cause of this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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