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    Gregory Wesley

    <h6>Ok, I must be doing it wrong.</h6>
    <h6>Existing model created.</h6>
    <h6>Plan Generator engaged.</h6>
    <h6>Sketchup, 3d warehouse and plugin entities are all properly layered and nested using the correct sequences.</h6>
    <h6>Architect Drawing Set selected.</h6>
    <h6>Send to layout tool clicked on.</h6>
    <h6>Desired drawings and scales checked.</h6>
    <h6>Send To Layout clicked</h6>
    <h6>Layout does not open like when using plain ol sketchup</h6>
    <h6>Open layout navigate to scrapbooks</h6>
    <h6>Click on ConDoc Drawing and see the labels for the drawing that I selected but no drawings in the scrapbook pane.</h6>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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