Trouble with MOG. My results don’t match those in tutorial

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    I’ve got CONDOC 4.8 installed. I am trying to build along with Mike in the MOG tutorial. I build the walls for a simple garage, and then I try to hit the ON/OFF button on the CONDOC extension just as Mike does in the tutorial. Nothing happens. If I hit the “ALWAYS OFF” in the layers list, the MOG disappears, but not the walls I built. They are located in Walls/Exterior. I’m only working with one level. I’ve tried both methods for building the walls…build them, cut them, zero in on Walls, Exterior,New, then paste in place. And also building while clicked all the way down.

    Also, when I click through the layers by clicking on the walls, first click it says “Layer 0”, 2nd click “ELEMENT_Walls”, 3rd click “LOCATION_Exterior”, 4th click “CONDITION_New”, 5th click “Layer 0”.  Those labels are not supposed to show.

    I fear something is corrupted either in my 2020 Pro version of Sketchup, or in the Condoc 4.8 extension.

    Anyone had this kind of experience? I’m not a novice with Sketchup…been using it for years. Just having trouble getting Condoc to work properly using the MOG. I did have success following the Condoc lite tutorial, which did not employ the MOG.

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