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    Jean-Luc Vaillant

    Upgraded to V4 about a week ago and painstakingly updated my model to use the new tags and organisation.

    I understand from the manual that, for a remodel, “FINAL” = NEW + EXISTING and “OLD” = EXISTING + DEMOLISHED.

    My problem is that having the condition tag at the very end of the tree end us a practical nightmare

    • for my final render to look right I have the constantly hide the lines between existing elements and new elements (since they are no longer in the same group)
    • moving/modifying a window or door on a existing wall requires me to demolish the whole wall (because of the opening)
    • similar issue if I need to move a piece of furniture… it has to be removed from existing, place into demolished before I can put it back in new!

    I understand than having a precise demolition is great but I feel this went too far. I would suggest leaving having NEW and EXISTING be BEFORE LEVEL and define “FINAL” as NEW and “OLD” = EXISTING + DEMOLISHED. If I don’t want to bother with keeping track of DEMOLISHED, I still get a workable model for FINAL.. I would leave DEMOLISHED as the end tag for EXISTING elements. I would no longer view my demolition scope in skechup but I would still get it in Layout. And I could still get a sense of what I forgot to demolish but displaying both NEW and EXISTING minus DEMOLISHED.

    Thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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